Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn. ~ John Muir

The Beginning of a Short Work Week ~

Hi there!

Mrs. Taylor – you beat me in publishing your journal post first! I should get you a box of Dots! I saw them the other day, and see that they have Tropical flavored Dots too. However, I think you will stick with the one and only Original flavored ones! :)

Ah yes, it’s been a very relaxing yet somewhat busy weekend for me. I managed to splurge abit on somethings I needed to get for my trip to be with David, and explore Alaska in a mere 30 some days! I am already feeling the excitement and anticipation building up once again. I have my days where I’d do anything to be there in that exact moment – but my heart is already there in a special way. Just need to get the rest of me there! :) I have yet to purchase a few other things, get things organized and be ready to head out after work on April 29th. I’ll be going to Oconomowoc to my dear friends, Jennifer and Jason’s home, who will will be taking me to the airport bright and early on the morning of April 30th. I thank them both for doing this for me, and I couldn’t be happier for them to be there for me when my flight departs at 9 a.m. – I wish my parents, sister and dear friends could be there as well, but they will be with me in my thoughts as always. The more I think about my first moments standing outside being surrounded by the majestic mountains – incredible crisp, fresh Alaskan air – and David by my side, I get goose bumps! And a heavy heart knowing that special moment, will never, ever leave my life. :)

Here is an image I shot last weekend – meh they turned out OK, I did learn something important about landscape photography. Line up the horizon so that it’s straight within the composition stage. See, I’m learning from David here! It feels great! I will have many new challenges to learn, and explore while in Alaska – and for this particular technique, I’d have to use a level that attaches in my hotshoe (flash attachment) on the camera. Way cool little gadget!

Sunset overlooking the Wis. River along Biron Drive - March 2010

I have a thing for quotes as most of you know already, and I came up with this one last night while trying to get to dreamland – what made me think of this was how my own life has changed over the years growing up to be the person I am today, and yet I will continue to learn and grow .. which is a good thing because it will make me a better person for mysself, and for those who look up to me in their own lives.  Life is good for me these days, and I have many special reasons for that. :D

“You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit form of love and happiness. You can make your life into an incredible evolving work of art. The key is your thoughts, and the wondrous invisible part of you that exists in your spiritual soul.”

One thing comes to mind is when you see an adorable puppy running towards you doing its cute bark attack, all excited and full of love and life. I LOVE feeling that with my family, friends near and far, even my family pets Sage and Micah. They ALL have their own form of happiness in their own lives, and they share that with me. In return, I give that back to them in my own way… Life is a box of choclates what can I say. You never know whatcha gonna get. You get a chocolate with a pecan in the middle .. could mean a bumpy path ahead for you, or a creamy caramel chocolate .. could mean a smooth and safe path in life. Point is, life is going to change no matter what – and whatever path you are on, you will get through to the end – yes there will be difficult battles to fight along with sadness, and disbelief – but know there will always be a better corner to turn in life – it has to find you, and if you find it beforehand, then kudos to you!! I have many challenges ahead in my own lifetime, I’m just a young pup yet! You know what though, thats the best part – facing life with my form of happiness, growing up with a heart full of love, kindness, strength and I hope to continue to share that with those I love so much, and those who are special in my life.  :)

Another image I shot last week – I’m calling it the Wisconsin River Bergie Bit! Haha. Ah yes, I know we don’t have ice bergs floating around here, but dang-the ice chunks floating around can resemble them in a small way! :)

My version of a "bergie bit" :)

This week is a short one for me, as we have Good Friday off at work. I’m no slacker either, Bear! I have no indefinite plans for this upcoming long weekend, but to maybe get some last minute shopping done, work on maybe a photo series of some sort, and simply enjoy this wonderful spring weather Central Wisconsin will be getting – highs in the 70’s!! Beautiful weather for walking, and sitting outside on my family’s screened sunroom. Until next time, I wish you all a week filled with smiles, laughter and warmth.


One response

  1. taylorsoutback

    You photographers! So many gadgets…not like quilters who just need a pair of scissors and a piece of fabric…yeah, right!!! Aren’t all those little inventions great though – anything to enhance our respective passions :o)
    Lovely, peaceful image – something so calming about watching the sunset at the end of the day….
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    March 29, 2010 at 9:27 AM

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