Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn. ~ John Muir

Sunny Saturday Morning thoughts ~

The views along the Wisconsin River are gorgeous at the right time...

It is absolutely gorgeous out – at this moment as I write this journal it’s a crisp and cool 36 degrees here this morning and the ligtht breeze coming through my slightly cracked windows feels perfect. LOVE having my windows open, even during the nighttime. The cool, fresh air helps me relax, as well sleep of course. :) The sun has been rising early, and setting later each day – and I am enjoying every minute of it in the best way I can. Granted, when I arrive in Alaska in a mere 2 weeks – the sun will set approximately at 10:30 in the evening!! I sure hope we get a beautiful day of weather when I arrive, and a remarkable sunset for us to see together (of many I hope!).. I know, how romantic. :) Not to mention, we probably will have our camera gear set at same time .. right, David. ;)   

I haven’t been out shooting much as of recent, been busy getting things finalized in the “shopping” area for my trip. Just have to get some minor things, and I’ll be set to leave on April 29th after work.  This last weekend, my mother and I had the opportunity to get together with David’s wonderful Mom, and Grandmother for some delicious sweets, and tea at Johanna May’s Fine Teas shop, which is nestled in the serene woods outside of Wausau, WI. Very cozy, elegant and relaxing environment to have get-togethers, and simply mingle! :) I had the honor of introducing everyone to my Mom, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit. The tea was Good Stuff!  I had a Black Cherry iced tea, which was absolutely refreshing, along with some strawberry sorbet and a chocolate truffle cookie, drizzled with warm chocolate on top! Yum! David’s mom had the same dessert as I did, and she had some Provence hot tea. My mother had some Provence tea as well, and a warm Pecan Crumble cake! David’s grandmother had her hot coffee and Pecan crumble cake too. :) Johanna Mays offers a variety of teas from artisian, to white, and even flavored black teas. The choices are endless, yet all have distinct flavors and purposes. I’m a big tea drinker in the fall/winter months – however that has now shifted throughout the year. :)  

This weekend will be an enjoyable one as I am heading over to Green Bay to spend time with my lovely sister, Allison for  some sister bonding time before I go on my incredible trip. I know we will be playing Mario Kart, having some wine, perhaps go see a movie, enjoy some delicious Panera for lunch, and have some serious sisterly talks on life, our sweethearts, and anything that we feel the need to talk about!  :)

I did however go shooting one evening to relax my mind off of work, and I got a couple of good shots – the rays of the sunshine was peeking through the clouds along the Wis. River and I couldn’t help but savor that moment and shoot away. I will share one with you to see .. it’s so gorgeous to see the rays come through in subtle streaks in the clouds. Enjoy!  

Rays of the sun are peeking through the clouds along the Wis. River

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and a beautiful weekend of doing whatever you desire to do, and enjoy! Simply this – Life Is Good. I’m loving my live now more than ever before – many special reasons for that too. ♥  

Remember to keep smiling – it’s the best reward in someone else’s day. :)

Note for David – Jūs mano širdis šypsena! ♥


One response

  1. taylorsoutback

    The clouds and beams of light are so peaceful – nicely done!
    And Panera for lunch – you lucky ducks! Wish we had one closer to our area but then it has taken 30+ years to get an Olive Garden.

    April 18, 2010 at 8:07 AM

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